“Docs In A Row made me feel like a rockstar.

Not only was I supported in my business for the first time in a decade, but I could explain my processes to someone who cared and was enthusiastic to help. Mikaela followed direction perfectly and picked up on every task quickly and efficiently.

As a sole trader it’s easy to feel isolated and drowning in admin, but having a VA totally changes that. I could outsource parts of my business that were not my strong point, meaning I could focus on the bits I loved. After just a few weeks, it was like Mikaela was an extension of my brain – just the more organised part!”

Beth, Beth Davison Sounds

“I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to use you if I’m honest, I have spent my whole life doing things myself. But you have been an absolute game changer!

Mikaela is super organised, super efficient, super creative, and in a nutshell super!

I needed support in the infancy of my business and I truly would not be where I am without her!

Everyone needs a Mikaela!”

– Merrisha, Merrisha Gordon Coaching

“Mikaela was great to work with. Took onboard the task with ease. Didn’t need to be handheld and was a great support to our business.”               

 – Nichola, Bridge Housing Solutions

 “We worked together […] and it was great! We got some much more done than if I had tried doing it myself, I would definitely recommend if you are looking for some VA support.”

– Jill, Five Star Sleepers

“I will be reaching out to you again as I have been really impressed with your work”

– Katie, Food Of Zeus

“Mikaela is not only really lovely, honest and helpful but so professional and a massive help! Anybody looking for some extra help running their business, I strongly recommend Mikaela”

– Laura, Hello Bee Box

“Thank you so much – it was stress free and you nailed it in terms of adding the branding. It would have taken me forever”

– Victoria, Oh Hello Box

“Thank you so much!…I’ve absolutely LOVED working with you!…You are like an angel, thank you.

– Danielle, Life By Danielle Louise.