Are you signing off for the festive period? Or are you working throughout the Christmas and New Year period?

Switching off from work can be difficult for any business owner but hopefully our tips will help you to get the break you deserve over the next couple of weeks:

?Remind yourself that very few people will actually be working these next couple of weeks

?Schedule in some fun and enjoy making memories

?Remember it’s totally OK to say no

?Need to use your phone to take photos but don’t trust yourself? Switch it to aeroplane mode.

?Delete apps that you know you will be tempted or accustomed to checking.

?Schedule an internet-free time in the house so there are no distractions for anyone.

?Remember this time of year is about being with your nearest and dearest who make our lives better. There aren’t many moments we get like this in life so indulge in them. Work can and will wait.

?Got ideas of things you want to do – go old school and write them down.

Have a lovely, relaxed break and come back refreshed!

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