So, you’re feeling burnt out and you need support – but you are just not sure how to delegate.

It can be tricky to let someone in to help, especially if it’s your business-baby, but I promise, you will be more efficient, productive and happier when you choose to outsource.

Here are our tips for how to delegate successfully:Here are our tips for how to delegate successfully:

  1. What to Delegate:
    Write a list of all the tasks you do
    Highlight the tasks that you: Find too time consuming; Don’t bring you joy; You struggle with it; You can’t do it.
    These are the tasks you need to delegate.
  2. Communicate Clearly
    Be open and clear from the outset – the more information you provide, the less they will need you to clarify.
    Be up front with your expectations, output and instructions.
    Be sure to include any guidelines or time restraints you need fulfilled.
  3. Let Go
    Once you’ve assigned someone to complete the task give them the space to do it.
    Check-in, but don’t be overbearing.
  4. Be Patient and Understanding
    Be approachable so that any clarity can be sought and obtained.
    Be prepared to address problems when they arise.
  5. Feedback
    Ensure you recognise and thank everyone at the end of the project.
    Evaluate the process and learn from any issues that arose.

Prioritise YOU and accept support – allow yourself to thrive today by dropping us an email at so we can help you to get your Docs In A Row.

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